Happy New Year

After a period of relative calm, we stand in front of a new year that we hope will bring important news in the form of new Doppler products and models. In the spirit of sharing, we have put down a few thoughts about 2009/2010 and what the new developments will mean for the measurement of ocean and coastal processes.
Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

1. Crisis, what crisis?

We must admit that the financial crisis never hit us.  Growth is a little weaker than what we have seen the last few years, but expansion is still the normal mode of thinking.  Maybe not all that important, but it makes our lives more fun.

2. Social media is coming to a town near you.

The corporate world has seized the socal media trend and some of our beloved politicians were actually twittering during the Nobel Peace ceremony.  Those of us born before 1970 were fairly disgusted but we also understand that we don't get to make these call anymore.  In any case, we jumped on the bandwagon a couple of months ago by opening up our own Facebook group:
I actually like it as a way to share backstage information but I suppose we are still a little hesitant. It really depends on you and your interest -- our effort will intensify if many people start following the group.  So if you like it as a way of communicating then please sign up today. 

3. More beams are coming

As you may have noticed from our advertisements, Nortek has introduced a "Z-cell" Aquadopp that removes the problem of loosing data in the "blanking zone".  In addition to the standard profiler, the system has an extra set of beams that measures the currents at the level of the instrument.  For buoy mounted system, this means that you can see -- much better -- what is going on in the surface layer.  From the first data sets we already see strong signs that upper 1-2 m is not doing the same thing as the rest of the water column so I believe this is a much bigger deal than we first thought.
The added number of beams (which are operating at 2 MHz, whereas the profiling beams are operating at 1 or 0.6 MHz) is a direct result of better and more flexible electronics.  I suspect we will see the whole industry moving in similar directions over the next 12-18 months.

4. Fresh water studies

Some people have misundestood the transfer of fresh water discharge products to Ott to mean that we no longer supply ADVs.   For fresh water process studies, we still very much supply the Vectrino and the Vector, which are not only being maintained but further developed.

5.  Exit broadband patent

On September September 26, 2010, the (in)famous US broadband patent 5,208,785 assigned to TRDI will expire.  This is a big deal since this patent has stopped a lot of product developments over the last 10-15 years. Here at Nortek we are currently in active discussions about how we will best to take advantage of the new world that is opening up.  It is all very exciting and we have no doubt that the image of what an "ADCP" is or isn't will be redefined over the next couple of years. We will keep you posted :)

6. Telltale

For those of you in the business deploying or retrieving instrument, we expect to have some really cool news in January.  Something that will actually change your life, or at least make you sleep better at night! And it is not a pill.  Soon to be announced :)

Our best wishes for a happy new year!

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