Radar reveals all!

Stringing a series of radar images together in a video, it is possible to see the details of what the ocean surface is doing as the tide is changing. Vortex shedding along the coast or around structure, converges areas, etc. all becomes visible with the SeaDarQ software.
Radar reveals all!

Image from the tidal inlet video

Please check out this video generated by SeaDarQ software programmer Jos van Heesen.  The digital images were collected with an X-band radar located on a tower centered around the white spot on the right hand side of the image.  The site is "Ameland", a barrier island in the northern part of Netherlands.

The tidal motion (the flow reverses twice) comes from the surface expression as recorded by a marine X-band radar located on the right hand side of the image. The distance across the inlet is 3.7 km and resolution of the original image is about 10 m.

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