Shallow-water current measurement in intertidal creeks made easy
A DVL that brings navigation accuracy to tank inspection robots in a harsh environment
See how Alseamar integrated a Nortek ADCP on their underwater glider
Understand shallow currents in the ocean with the Eco ADCP

Data set of the month: High-resolution current data in estuarine and near-shore environments

EvoLogics BOSS Manta Ray - the stunningly lifelike subsea robot for automated monitoring uses a #DVL from Nortek for navigation. #subseanavigation #underwaternavigation #oceantech
Read this study in which Nortek instrumentation helped study deep-sea sediment plumes as part of the ongoing mission to quantify the impacts of deep-sea mining. #deepsea #sediment #oceantech #oceanscience
Oceanographic research is crucial to environmental monitoring, climate forecasting and more. Cutting-edge technology like this can offer unprecedented insights into ocean processes. #ADCP #oceanscience #oceanecosystem #climatechange

News and updates

Deploying a vessel-mounted ADCP on a USV to survey currents in a complex river environment

If a river crossing can be mapped using a USV instead of field personnel, then the risk to life is considerably reduced. Ultrabeam Hydrographic equipped a USV with a range of senso...

Fulfilling the changing needs of the subsea vehicle market

Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs) are an essential navigational aid used in subsea operations where GPS is unavailable. DVLs use the Doppler effect to provide estimates of velocity rela...

Wave monitoring helps coastal risk management in Barbados

The Caribbean island of Barbados is well known for its tropical scenery, rich culture and crystal-blue ocean waters. To conserve these healthy ecosystems and pristine beaches, Barb...

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